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Welcome to QUARANSTREAM FEST – a virtual music event organized to keep music lovers like myself entertained during this troubling time.


Thanks to the current global pandemic, most of us have been quarantined for months now, and boy can it be draining. During the first week or so, it was pretty relaxing, but spending so much time in isolation can take a serious toll on one's mental health, often leading to poor sleep, depressive symptoms, and unpredictable emotions, among many other things.


Thankfully, music exists and tends to be a very effective way to cope during times like this, so come hang out and escape your thoughts for a bit.


QUARANSTREAM FEST will take place over two days – Friday, May 29th and Saturday, May 30th – and will feature performances from dozens of artists across various genres, including pop, rap, alternative, and more.


The event will go live at 1 pm EST / 12 pm CST / 10 am PST on both days on YouTube and can be watched on the Queued website.